November 24, 2017


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OB-1 understands applications (or “methods”). Complete applications. Not just liquid handling. When OB-1 performs a method, it includes all the activities typically found in that method. Below are some examples of the applications OB-1 understands. Please note: NO PROGRAMMING is required to have OB-1 perform these applications for you.

SPE – Solid Phase Extraction

OB-1 performs SPE based on user inputs we received during the system development period. Here are the activities OB-1 automates for you:

  • Moving consumables onto and off the work deck
  • Highly precise pipetting using disposable tips
  • High speed bulk dispensing of reagents
  • Use of SPE plates or cartridges from any supplier
  • Scanning in plates via Bar Code
  • Positive pressure processing of plates or cartridges: Conditioning, Sample Loading, Washing and Elution, allowing for multiple conditioning/washing/elution steps if needed
  • Heated air drying of sorbent beds
  • Scan in bar codes of collection plate
  • Automated positioning of collection plate/cartridges

SLE – Supported Liquid Extraction

OB-1 comes ready to perform SLE just as it comes ready to perform SPE. Its SLE activities include:

  • Moving consumables onto and off the work deck
  • Use of SLE plates or cartridges
  • Scan in bar codes
  • Automated sample loading onto SLE plates or cartridges
  • Small “push” using positive pressure to start flow through SLE material
  • High speed bulk dispensing of elution solvent across plate / cartridges
  • Small “push” using positive pressure (if desired) to start elution solvent flow
  • Scan in bar codes of collection plate
  • Automated positioning of collection plate/cartridges

Dilute & Shoot

For certain applications, chromatographers (among others) prefer simply diluting the sample with an appropriate diluent and injecting directly into the instrument. OB-1 understands Dilute & Shoot as a method and comes ready to automate this process for you. For Dilute & Shoot applications, OB-1 will:

  • Move consumables onto the work deck from Input storage stack
  • Scan in bar codes
  • Move sample plates / tubes to Bulk Dispensing station for dilution of samples with chosen reagent
  • Move sample plates / tubes into Output storage stack

YOUR Application

OB-1 is tested at the factory with your method. Your application is part of the final QC process so that when OB-1 arrives at your lab it is ready to go to work, running the method you requested.

Additional Applications

Beyond the applications knowledge that comes with OB-1 when it arrives at your lab are additional methods you may want OB-1 to perform for you. These additional “Application Modules” are also available as options:

  • Hydrolysis
  • Protein Crash
  • Derivatization
  • DNA Purification
  • Additional methods are constantly being developed

For more information please contact Obotics to discuss your particular application that you would like OB-1 to automate.


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