October 23, 2017

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OB-1 Features


OB-1 Robotic Lab Assistant

P/D ARM (Pipetting/Dispensing)

  • Holds factory calibration for > 50 million cycles
  • Self-priming
  • Dispense across entire 96 well plate: 15 seconds (@100ul/well)
  • 5 ul and up: <2% CV; 2-5ul: < 5% CV


  • Handles any SBS standard microplate
  • MTBF: 250,000 plate handling cycles
  • Works with lidded or unlidded plates
  • No training required. Ready to go to work right out of the box


  • Dispenses as little as 2 ul
  • Positive displacement for maximum accuracy
  • Adjustable in 10 nl increments
  • Self- calibration
  • Tip Touchoff for precise droplet control


  • Fully automated processing of plates or cartridges
  • Processing using positive pressure instead of vacuum
  • Automated ramp-up to avoid splattering
  • Automates SPE, SLE, filtration, DNA prep and more
  • Provides for heated flow when evaporation is required

OB-1 SPT (Sample Prep Technology) Software Package

  • Comes ready to run your initial method (tested at factory prior to shipment)
  • Pre-configured for SPE, SLE, Protein Crash, Dilute & Shoot and more
  • Opportunistic Scheduling: Eliminates dead time during sample prep process
  • Connectivity to >200 lab automation devices
  • Real-time display of all activities
  • Multi-level user access and permissions
  • Data audit trail
  • Supports parallel assays for higher throughput (optional)
  • 21CFR Part 11-compatible

Thanks to our manufacturing partner, OB-1’s components having logged millions of hours of work in labs for over 30 years so you can be confident that OB-1 will work accurately and tirelessly for you, running your methods just as you would. Just what you’d expect from your robot lab assistant.

OB-1 is available and ready to start working for you. Reserve your personalized OB-1 today. Contact Lane Yago at lane@obotics.net for more information.

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