October 23, 2017

See the new OB-1 Video

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Greeting from SLAS2015!  Very happy to be here….and especially since one year ago I was here and deciding about how to get OB-1 produced. I was checking out all the various robotic production partners…but of course I was also checking out who was introducing new tech….and after seeing everything I knew that (well, certainly hoped that) OB-1 was going to be well-received based on everything I saw at the show.

SEE THE NEW OB-1 VIDEO ON THE “ABOUT OB-1” PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE.  I hope you enjoy seeing OB-1 being put through its paces…as you watch exactly what it takes (which isn’t much – that’s the point) to have OB-1 start working for you right away. You’ll see OB-1 run through an entire SPE method, from liquid handling, to SPE processing, Bar Code scanning, as well as transporting consumables to and from the work deck.

COME SEE US AT THE SHOW! We’re at the Hudson Robotics booth #313. Special thanks to the Hudson gang – who produce OB-1 for us – allowing us such wonderful exposure in their booth space!!

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