Automate all of your Sample Prep Workflow

Experience the next-generation technology of CannaDeck, designed specifically for labs that specialize in extraction and potency testing for the cannabis industry.

what makes us different?

We have a deep understanding of sample preparation activities – such as liquid/liquid extraction, serial dilutions, solid phase extraction, and QuEChERs – and how to automate them to meet your lab’s needs without learning how to program a lab robot.

Our innovative CannaDeck robotics system is revolutionizing the way cannabis labs operate. By automating QuEChERs, the CannaDeck enables an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy in sample testing potency and pesticide extraction. With reproducibility you can count on, CannaDeck eliminates any potential for human error throughout the entire sample prep process Pipetting, dispensing, mixing and filtering samples for potency, pesticides content, residual solvents and terpenes – as well as initial sampling for heavy metals processing-can be automated with an unprecedented level of consistency. Perhaps most importantly, CannaDeck drastically reduces labor costs associated with monotonous tasks and empowers scientists to use their minds more than their hands.

A Patent-Pending System For Processing Petrifilm™ Plates

Obotics has developed a patent-pending processing system for handling Petrifilm™ plates, automating the testing for microorganisms:

Robotic Liquid Handling

8 programmable pipettes with liquid level sensing, and gripper arm for plate/rack transport. Automated vortexting, plate washing and petri dish processing.


Obotics has developed SampleTrac:tm:, a proprietary “wet lab LIMS” that tracks the process of each of your samples as they move through sample preparation.

Matrix Homogenization

The CannaDeck™ System includes sample matrix homogenization to create suspensions so that pipetting replaces weighing out samples.

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