Obotics proudly serves three unique industries: cannabis, food safety, and toxicology testing.

One of the world’s fastest-growing industries is the cultivation and sale of legal and recreational marijuana. Our CannaDeck robotics technology was designed specifically to meet the needs of cannabis extraction laboratories that are experiencing unprecedented order growth. CannaDeck is a game-changer that enables small and large laboratories to fulfill expanding backlogs without hiring additional lab technicians. Samples can be tested for potency of various cannabinoids and pesticide contamination; various microbiology tests are automated as well, with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy, while also increasing efficiency.

Food Safety
Obotics automates food safety testing, which in many cases involves microbiology assays. The Obotics platform offers fully-automated sample prep for 3M™ PetriFilm™ plates, standard agar petri dishes. ELISA tests and PCR workflows are also automated by Obotics.

Obotics provides an automation platform for toxicology laboratories by providing end-to-end automated sample preparation workflows for handling serum, urine and whole blood. Included in Obotics workflow automation is state-of-the-art processing of solid phase extraction cartridges or plates which are used throughout the toxicology industry.

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