Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the CannaDeck™ System?

The CannaDeckSystem is an integrated sample prep automation platform that performs routine sample handling activities that are done every day in Cannabis Testing Labs. It is the heart of a complete system that includes:

  • SampleTrac™ System – eLab Notebook for the Cannabis testing lab; includes automated sample weight capture, bar code scan of samples/consumables, tracking/logging of sample prep processes, integration with LIMS
  • Automated Homogenization (if desired) – Use of the Omni BeadRuptor™ to create pipettable suspensions of samples
  • The CannaDeck sample prep automation platform
What kinds of sample handling activities does the CannaDeck perform? Some examples are below:
  • Liquid handling (pipetting/dispensing)
  • Grinding
  • Weighing
  • Movement of sample racks and consumables when required
  • Vortexing
  • Filtration
  • Plating (microbiology)
Is the CannaDeck a robot?

Yes! While it doesn’t have that human robot appearance (anthropomorphic, “Danger Will Robinson”-looking robot), it is a robotic system that includes automated pipettors as well as a robot arm/gripper that transports racks of tubes and/or consumables around the work area.

I’ve seen that it’s pretty difficult learning how to program lab robots. Do I need to program the CannaDeck?

No. Programming. Required. The CannaDeck comes to your lab with everything it needs to know in order to run your tests. We work with you during the initial configuration stage of your order to make sure we know exactly what you need the CannaDeck to do.

What types of sample preps has the CannaDeck done?

The CannaDeck comes pre-programmed for the types of tests you need it to run. Examples of these tests include:

  • Potency extraction
  • Pesticide extraction
  • Terpene sampling
  • Residual solvent sampling
  • Mycotoxin assays
  • Microbiology assays
Can the CannaDeck handling liquid/liquid extraction?

Absolutely. Its pipettors are equipped with liquid level sensing so that the upper layer of an extraction can be pulled off.

Can the CannaDeck perform serial dilutions?


How can I validate the pipetting accuracy?

Your CannaDeck comes with a volume verification script that allows you to measure pipetting accuracy using spectrophotometric or gravimetric validation.

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