Automate Your Workflows

Your workflow is the step-wise process of how samples are moved through a sample preparation scheme. While each lab may have variations of workflows as compared to other labs, most labs have much in common as samples are moved through a clean-up/extraction process from intake to analytical instrumentation analysis.

CannaDeck automates the following applications:

  • Potency sample preparation workflows
  • Pesticide sample preparation workflows
  • Microbiology sample preparation workflows
  • Terpenes sample preparation workflows
  • Heavy Metals sample preparation workflows (initial aliquoting only)
  • Mycotoxin sample preparation workflows
  • Various drugs of abuse sample preparation workflows

Eliminate Human Error

Every single time a lab technician touches a sample, they introduce variability into the method.  In addition, there is an element of variability between lab technicians who may have slight differences in technique. Lab directors are talking to Obotics because they want everything to be done in an extremely reproducible way that they can count on, in addition to achieving improved throughput.

Benefits of CannaDeck

Grow your lab without increasing employee count through automation

Eliminate monotonous tasks and potential RSS (Repetitive Stress Syndrome)

Allow best use of personnel for data analysis and new method evaluation

Reduce variability caused by manual testing procedures

There are often many steps involved with preparing a cannabis sample for analysis. CannaDeck automates nearly every step of the process from the time a sample enters the laboratory until a full analysis is complete. It can process up to 8 samples simultaneously, much faster than an experienced lab technician.

More importantly, CannaDeck exponentially increases precision and accuracy in the testing process. Laboratories should do everything in their power to ensure that their sample preparation and testing is done exactly the same way, every single time. CannaDeck adds reliability to your analysis and credibility to your results.

With the increasing legalization of cannabis both medically and recreationally across the United States, the time to bring CannaDeck to your laboratory is now. Analytical laboratories will see a huge uptick in orders over the next several years, and CannaDeck is the key to handle that volume without causing labor costs to soar.

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